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Research interests

  • Econometrics / Machine Learning
    • Bayesian Methods
    • Clustering and latent features models
    • Sequential Monte Carlo (SMC) / Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) simulation
    • Big Data and High Performance Computing (HPC)
  • Quantitative Marketing
    • Discrete Choice
    • Quantitative Behavioral Modelization
    • Consumer Neuroscience
  • Behavioral Neuro-Genomics

Current work

In Marketing

"Attributes Neural Normalization and Context Effect: A Hierarchical Bayes Application", Remi Daviet
Thesis Chapter, available on request

"Hamiltonian Sequential Monte-Carlo: Application to Consumer Demand", Martin Burda, Remi Daviet
R&R, Latest draft

"Double Decoys and a Possible Parameterization: Empirical Analyses of Pairwise Normalization", Remi Daviet, Ryan Webb
Latest draft

"Analyzing Normalization Models of Choice with Sequential Optimal Inference", Remi Daviet, Ryan Webb
In Progress

"Foundations of the Decoy Effect: Putting Theory to the Test", Ulrich Bergmann, Remi Daviet, Ernst Fehr
In Progress

In Methodology

"Sequential Optimal Inference for Experiments with Bayesian Particle Filters", Remi Daviet
Submitted, Lastest draft

"Sequential Monte Carlo for Hierarchical Bayes with Large Datasets", Remi Daviet
In progress, Lastest draft

"Bayesian Non Parametric Inference For Discrete Choice Experiments Using Multi-Dimensional Clustering", Remi Daviet, William J. McCausland
Extended abstract

"Multialternative Drift Diffusion Model Estimation with Hit and Run Particles", Remi Daviet
In progress, functional code available on demand

"Inference with Hamiltonian Sequential Monte Carlo Simulators", Remi Daviet
Latest draft , C++/CUDA code

"Big Data for Demand Estimation: a Bi-Clustering Approach", Remi Daviet, Christian Gourieroux
Draft available on request

In Behavioral Neuro-Genomics

"The Relationships between Anatomical Brain Structure and Risky Behaviors", Gökhan Aydogan, Remi Daviet, Gideon Nave, Philipp Koellinger et Al.
In Progress, Pre-registered with the Open Science Framework

"Causal Pathways in Brain Structure and Alcohol Consumption", Remi Daviet, Reagan Wetherill, Gideon Nave, Philipp Koellinger et Al.
In Progress, Pre-registered with the Open Science Framework


"Methods for statistical analysis and prediction of discrete choices"
Published version

  • Chapter 1: Attribute Divisive Normalization : A Neural Decision Model for Discrete Choice
  • Chapter 2: Hamiltonian Sequential Monte Carlo with Application to Consumer Choice Behavior
  • Chapter 3: Sequential Optimal Inference for Experiments with Sequential Monte Carlo Methods