My Work

  • In a first stream of research, I work on extracting valuable insight from the multiple sources of data now available to firms. With the help of Machine Learning and AI, I develop methods to optimize and automate business processes.
  • In a second stream of research, I focus on understanding and predicting consumer decisions by combining quantitative modeling with advanced statistics. My models of decision-making rely on insights from many fields: Neuroscience, Cognitive Science, Psychology, Genomics, and Economics.

Marketing Analytics

Trained in econometrics, I combine quantitative models with advanced Bayesian statistical methods to gain insights on trends and consumer behaviors.

Deep Learning

Deep learning can be used to extract value and insights from unstructured data. I study potential applications in marketing and their consequences.

Consumer Decision Processes

I include insights from psychology, sociology, and cognitive sciences into my models to make predictions based on realistic behaviors.


Understanding the biological sources of consumer decisions is now in reach, combining neural imaging and genotyping with advanced statistical methods.